More than work placement

COMPACT is the catalyst between education, industry, community and government. We have excellent understanding of regional education and employment issues and extensive experience in the development of cross-sector partnerships, responsive to local need.

We provide high quality customer service and support to employers with facilitated workplacements, assist in identification of skills gaps, skill shortage solutions and recruitment strategies to promote regional industry career opportunities to the future workforce.

COMPACT develop innovative programs for career pathways investigation, skills and personal development to help people overcome barriers to education and employment.

Our professional staff assist people at all stages of the career journey across the Riverina Murray, to gain the skills, experience and professional guidance they need, enabling them to successfully transition from school to further education, training and employment.

COMPACT is governed by a volunteer Board of Management, representative of regional Business and Industry, Government, Education and Community sectors.

Our Executive Officer is based in Wagga Wagga, with Staff employed in strategic regional centres, with intimate knowledge of the community they serve.

our values

We demonstrate the following values in how we work.

  • Integrity

    Demonstrating honesty & fairness.

  • Trustworthy

    Reliable, responsible and accountable.

  • Passionate

    We believe in our future and outcomes.

  • Innovation

    Creatively making a difference.

  • Inspirational

    Inspiring others to become involved.

  • Leading

    Initiating community capacity and partnerships with industry, education and the community.

  • Partnerships

    Working together to achieve our statement of purpose.


To reach our goals, we are focused on five key priorities. The priorities will focus our strategies over the next 3 years.

  • Viability and sustainability

  • Research, policy and advocacy

  • Governance, leadership and organisational capability

  • Relationships and Partnerships

  • E-capability


COMPACT Incorporated is a not for profit, career development organisation, founded in Wagga Wagga in 1991 as a direct need identified by business, industry and schools to encourage local career development opportunities and to retain local talent in regional areas. Founding member, Julie Briggs, introduced a working industry school partnership ‘COMPACT’ based on a successful model developed in the United Kingdom and Sydney in the late 1980s. Originally with only one part-time staff member, we have grown in size and capability to deliver quality career development services across the Riverina Murray region.

In November 2015, COMPACT amalgamated with Albury-based organisation MICEEP.

COMPACT now covers an expanse of over 154,000 km2. Our expertise has built strong relationships with 72 secondary schools and over 3500 current employers in various local, state and national industries.