A local businessman, Kade Passlow, has started a new initiative in Wagga, which we feel is long overdue. Mr Passlow aims to give troubled youth in Wagga a fresh start and a fair go, by offering training and employment to anyone willing to put in the work, regardless of their past.

Our Executive Officer Megan Mulrooney, a strong and passionate advocate for youth employment added to her comments in the Daily Advertiser – “We need to support young people anyway we can. We need to provide youth with work skills and confidence to help them achieve their full potential and give them a step up. Many youth of today don’t have a positive role model, and with this in mind, we believe it is up to employers and community members to give disadvantaged youth a helping hand into the workforce. It’s great to start to see a change in the mindset of business, and Mr Passlow is a shining example of that”.

We would like to congratulate Mr Passlow on his approach to employing the youth in the Riverina Murray.

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