Brad Royal fom Mt Austin high woirking on a fence during workplacement with Brad Newman FencingBrad Royal has taken to fencing like a duck to water. The Mount Austin High School graduate studied Metals and Engineering at school, and he jumped at the chance to get out of the classroom when COMPACT Inc placed him with a fencer for his mandatory work placement.

“It was unreal” Brad said of the work placement.

The host employer was Brad Newman of Brad Newman Fencing.

“Young Brad stood out from the other boys from the first day on the job. He didn’t get distracted. He was a good worker for the whole time he was with us. He picked up the skills and competencies really quickly and he learned everything we taught him.” commented Marcus Wright of Brad Newman Fencing

Brad Newman Fencing has a small team of men who travel the Riverina building fences in many and varied settings and materials and for a wide range of customers. Since the work placement finished, Brad Royal has finished school, and as a result of the impression he made while on work placement, he is now a regular part of the team at Brad Newman Fencing. In partnership with the Riverina Local Land Services, COMPACT Inc. commissioned the work placement specifically to encourage Indigenous young people to take up Natural Resource Management as a vocation. The work was undertaken in the wider context of an agreement between COMPACT and NSW Family and Community Services to increase enterprise and educational outcomes in Wagga’s social housing estates. The completion rate for successful work placements at Mount Austin High school increased significantly as a direct result of this arrangement.