Access to Local Support Services

COMPACT Inc is well connected to regional support services across the Riverina Murray area.

It is sometimes very difficult for young people, students or job seekers to navigate access to available services.

We can connect regional people with education, employment and community support services to assist in overcoming any barriers to education and employment.

Should you require any information please contact our office or use the form on this page.

Career Planning

Are you a Job seeker? A Career changer? Returning to work? New to the Australian workforce? Not sure what you would like to do for work? Not sure what you need to do to gain work or achieve your career goals?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we can help.

COMPACT Inc staff are qualified and experienced to provide career planning support and information. We work closely with you to identify your skills and experience, personal interests and key attributes to assist you in the identification and planning of achievable career goals, on an individual basis or in a group setting.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Career Investigation
  • Career Information
  • Resume Building and Job application letters
  • Interview Skills
  • Personal Development
  • Job Search skills
  • Links to Industry, Education and Community Support Services

Industry Awareness Experiences

COMPACT Inc staff are experienced in developing and managing excursions and on-site industry and visits to showcase career pathway opportunities across the Riverina Murray area.

Excursions and site visits highlight the diversity of careers available locally in each industry sector in a practical, visual way. These activities allow industry professionals to advise students about the current and future skills, attributes and education pathways required to pursue a career in their industry.

Industry specific forums are ideal for:

  • Business and Industry wishing to address skill shortages and showcase career opportunities, to retain local talented young people to become their workforce of the future.
  • Schools wishing students to gain valuable on-site learning opportunities at specific industry venues, to support understanding of local career pathways and employment opportunities
  • Students groups wishing to learn about employer expectations, industry practice, contemporary equipment and educational requirements, to ensure informed career decision making.


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