Employing younger people into roles within your business can prove difficult. COMPACT offer a range of solutions to address these problems facing today’s businesses, including Pre-Apprenticeship and Vocational Workplacements, VET Workplacements and Work Experience. These services allow your business to assess the fit of the potential candidate into your business, as well as providing valuable experience for the young person.

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Pre-Apprenticeship and Vocational Work Placements

Regional training providers are offering  full-time pre-apprenticeship programs of 3- 6 months duration, which provide students of all ages with off-the-job training in key skills. Many employers actively recruit from pre-apprenticeship programs, as they are a good way to trial a potential new Apprentice.

Pre-Apprenticeship courses are usually Cert I/II level industry qualifications and include a work placement component in industry. Students completing Pre-Apprenticeship courses are external to the school system and can vary in age, with many mature age students embarking on a career change.

COMPACT Inc has over 25 years’ experience in delivering work placements in Automotive, Business Services, Construction, Electrotechnology, Entertainment Industry, Financial Services, Hospitality, Human Services, Information and Digital Technology, Metal and Engineering, Primary Industries, Retail Service, Tourism, Travel and Events.

Our professional staff provides high quality customer service and support to all host employers providing industry work placements. COMPACT are connected to over 4000 (check) employers across the Riverina Murray region, and ensure all insurance and employer requirements are met prior to placement.

COMPACT Inc are well-connected to education providers across the Riverina Murray and can provide tailored service to business and industry to source appropriate potential employees through our variety of work placement services.

VET Workplacement

What is VET Work placement?

For over 20 years COMPACT has been the contracted NSW Education Work Placement Service Provider (WPSP) working with local secondary schools, TAFE NSW campuses and local employers to coordinate work placements for all eligible students across the Riverina Murray.

Work placement is a mandatory component of industry-based Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses studied as part of their NSW Higher School Certificate. Students gain Certificate I, II or III, in nationally accredited courses, which contribute significantly to further education and training and commencement of a vocational pathway.

COMPACT staff work closely with regional host employers to provide appropriate, safe, meaningful industry experiences for students. Many employers utilise work placement as an effective recruitment tool. Students are unpaid, covered by Workers Compensation and are deemed ‘Work Ready’ by their classroom teacher, prior to commencement. As a host employer, you have the full support of COMPACT staff should any issues arise.

Work placement allows students to practise and develop industry competencies and Employability Skills in a vibrant, real work context.

By providing a Work placement opportunity to local students, employers can take an active role in encouraging young people into their industry.

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Current courses available in Riverina Murray

Each of the following courses require students to complete a mandatory Structured Workplacement for between 70 and 80 hours over two years.

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Senior Pathways and VET programs for Secondary Students


Business Services





Human Services

Information Technology

Metal and Engineering

Primary Industries



Work Experience

Work experience provides our young people with the opportunity to experience a ‘taste’ of the industry of their choice. For young people, work experience is the first time in a workplace and can be the most valuable means of building Employability Skills, understanding career pathways and influencing career decisions prior to starting further education and work.

Work experience participants are usually in Year 9 or 10, with no prior industry qualifications, but may exhibit basic skills. This does not replace their enthusiasm, interest and willingness to learn about the world of work and what it takes to enter the workforce. Some students are disengaged from school and benefit greatly from work experience to realign their education and employment goals.

COMPACT’s professional staff are connected to over 4000 employers across the Riverina Murray region, and can facilitate work experience arrangements on behalf of schools, education providers or individuals in the industry of choice.

Students who can recall just 4 or more interactions with employers were 5 times less ikely to be unemployed or not in further educations and training at 19-24 years


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