Employability Skills and Work Ready Programs

COMPACT Inc has over 25 years’ experience in providing quality Employability Skills workshops and Work Ready programs to young people of all ages and stages of the career journey, across the Riverina Murray region. These workshops and programs assist young people to gain the confidence, insight, knowledge and skills required to assist them to successfully find part time or full time employment.

Interactive one-off Employability Skills workshops or longer work ready programs can be delivered to:

  • Large or small groups
  • Any target audience, customised to respond to need eg CALD, ATSI, Long term unemployed
  • Disengaged and at risk students
  • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary or Mature Age students
  • On-site or other training venues.
  • Schools, RTOs, University, Private RTOs – held full day, half day or weekly over one term, semester or throughout the school year in allocated times

COMPACT Inc are flexible and willing to customise workshops to meet your needs

Career Planning

COMPACT Inc staff are qualified and experienced to provide career planning support and information services to people of all ages and stages of the career journey. We work closely with students to identify their skills and experience, personal interests and key attributes to assist them in the identification and planning of achievable career goals, on an individual basis or in a group setting.

Some of the services we provide:

  • Personal Development and Self Awareness
  • Career Investigation and Career Pathways
  • Resume Building and Job Applications
  • Interview Skills
  • Job Search skills
  • Links to Industry, Education and Community Support Services

COMPACT Inc are flexible and willing to customise workshops to meet the needs of your students.

Customised Learning Programs

Every student has individual needs and not everyone learns in the same way. Many students have barriers to education and employment that include: learning issues, language, cultural or family social issues, financial barriers, homelessness, ill mental health or other disability which can lead to:

  • Non-attendance at school or work
  • Disengagement from education and employment
  • Long term unemployment
  • Financial distress
  • Low self-esteem, lack of self confidence
  • Mental Health and wellbeing issues

COMPACT can provide programs or workshops with a focus on:

  • Culturally appropriate delivery
  • Social Inclusion
  • Personal Development
  • Building resilience
  • Interactive, practical hands-on learning
  • Literacy and Numeracy – Foundation skills

COMPACT Inc is a flexible, responsive career development organisation working closely with community partners to assist students with re-engagement with education and employment. We develop fit for purpose learning opportunities, sensitive to the needs of each target audience.

Industry Awareness Excursions

COMPACT Inc develop and coordinate excursions and on-site industry visits to showcase career pathway opportunities to young people across the Riverina Murray region.

Excursions and industry site visits highlight the diversity of careers available locally in each industry sector in a practical, visual way. Industry professionals advise students about the current and future skills, attributes and education pathways required to pursue a successful career in their industry.

Industry Awareness excursions are an ideal way for schools to assist students to make informed career decisions, enhancing their knowledge and understanding of local businesses, career pathways, industry requirements, employer expectations and employment opportunities.

COMPACT Inc is a flexible, responsive career development organisation working closely with industry partners and schools to develop engaging career development opportunities to inspire the next generation of employees.

Industry Career Forums

COMPACT Inc staff are experienced in developing and managing events to showcase career and education opportunities across the Riverina Murray area.

Industry specific forums highlight the diverse range of career areas available in each industry sector. Forums allow professionals to advise about the current and future skills, attributes and education pathways requirements to pursue a career in specific industries.

Industry specific forums are ideal for:

  • Industry representatives wishing to promote career opportunities available to future generation workforce and their parents/carers.
  • Employers wishing to promote current recruitment requirements to potential workers, career changers
  • Schools providing students with contemporary industry career information and advice, with guest speakers from industry and education
  • Parents wishing to gain information and advice to support their young people with career and education options
  • Students wishing to learn about industry expectations and educational requirements, to assist with informed career decision making

Mentor and Volunteer Programs

COMPACT Inc is a child safe organisation and has extensive experience in delivering and facilitating industry and community mentor programs to provide young people with a range of meaningful learning opportunities.

Evidence shows that bringing a young person together with a mentor can:  improve school completion rates, lower dropout rates, build healthier relationships and lifestyle choices, improve attitudes toward learning, increase aspirations in both education and career, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence, improve poor behaviours and improve interpersonal skills.

Our professional staff provide mentor training and support services, and ensure Working with Children Checks are in place prior to mentors working directly with young people.

Mentor programs can be focused on leadership skills and community project management, career development, coaching, experience and personal development and aspiration.

Volunteering programs can provide work and Employability Skills for young people, while building community networks and interest. COMPACT Inc can bring schools together to work with local community organisations to develop and coordinate volunteer programs for young people.


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