Glenn Johnson Young high School Allied GrainYoung High School student Glenn Johnson commenced Year 11 in 2016 completing TVET and VET subjects including Automotive, Information Digital Technology and Metal and EngineeringAllied Grain Systems Logo

In Term 2 Glenn chose to do his very first week of VET workplacement at a local Engineering firm called Allied Grain Systems who are an Australian owned company located in Young, NSW.

“Allied Grain Systems are specialists in the design, supply and installation of grain silos and conveying systems throughout Australia.”

Glenn commenced his placement and completed over 40 hours of workplacement. His workshop tasks included welding, cutting, grinding, bending and rolling, working alongside Supervisors and other workers. On his final day he joined the regular staff lunch, provided by the Manager.

Since this initial workplacement, Glenn has become a paid employee of Allied Grain. He was asked to work for two weeks in the school holidays and will start working part time on  from August onwards. Glenn is hoping that this work could lead to further hours both after school and on Wednesday mornings before school.

“It’s been a great experience and one week of working at Allied Grain felt like a whole term at school. The tasks I did at the workplace were similar to the things I learned at school but when I did more of it in a short space of time, it gave me more experience and I picked up new skills as well” Glenn said.

Ideally, Glenn would like to leave school as soon as he can and wants to stay in the town of Young and pursue an apprenticeship in this industry. He sees this as a valuable opportunity to extend his skills and add experience to his resume so he can start on his planned career pathway.

Congratulations Glenn from all of us here at COMPACT!