Monique THOMAS in centre employer Stewart Porch and work mate Kylie on leftCOMPACT delivered a Work Preparation Session at Trinity Anglican College on 13th March for the Construction Class, with one female in the class – Monique Thomas, who expressed an interest in tiling as a career.  We talked about some of the challenges of choosing a career in a male dominated industry, she smiled as she replied that she is a “bit of a tom boy” and most of her friends are boys.  Monique was unsure about tiling but wanted to explore it as an option.

Through discussions with a colleague who knew an owner of a tile company, who then recommended a tiler who employed a female, we were put in touch with Stewart Porch Tiling.  We contacted Stewart to arrange a meeting to discuss the possibility of him becoming a host employer.  Stewart has a female casual employee – Kylie, who he invited to join the meeting.  Kylie was a strong advocate for Stewart; she advised that he is an excellent mentor and very supportive of women working in construction.  Stewart agreed to participate, and progressed with an employer induction.

Monique attended work placement with Stewart 7th – 13th April.  When we visited Monique on her final day of placement, they were busy tiling a new town house.  Monique thoroughly enjoyed her week and explained that this experience had helped her to make a decision not to pursue tiling as a career.  Stewart advised Monique had been a pleasure to host and he felt the experience had been beneficial for Monique.  He mentioned females have an eye for detail and design which can be helpful in tiling and we encourage any female wanting to take on a typically male dominated trade to look into the possibilities!