If you have ever wondered about what value and confidence Work Placement can bring or how it can change a students’ life, read on…

Meet Riley Sutcliffe. Riley started completing the Automotive Framework as a part of his VET HSC studies at Cootamundra High this year, run out of Cootamundra TAFE College. Riley was given an opportunity to complete an early round of Work Placement, as his TAFE teacher could see the potential in Riley for a future Apprenticeship. The teacher discussed with our team member Courtney about two suitable places for work placement, Cootamundra Holden and Watson Toyota in Young. It was decided that Riley complete his first Work Placement in Cootamundra Holden and his second week at Watson Toyota in Young  shortly after.

Upon completing his student evaluation from Cootamundra Holden, COMPACT team member Courtney was told that Riley was one of the best students that had been on placement in recent memory and was very pleased with his work ethics. Riley then started his second placement week at Watson Toyota, where he inevitably impressed there as well. Riley had built such confidence that he asked the Dealer Principal, Kim Watson, for an Apprenticeship on day two!

From here, Kim spoke to the Supervising Mechanic Riley had been working with and was told that he was a great worker with very good work ethics and that he would do well if offered a position.

It is from this act of confidence and forward thinking, Riley was offered a full time apprenticeship with Watson Toyota in Young on the Friday of his second placement week.

Congratulations Riley, we wish you every success in your career and are very pleased to have helped you along the way!